Thanks for asking….


It happened so naturally.  Left bare, stripped to my very essence, releasing the shroud that hid my real self while I pretended to be happy.  Divorce allowed me to stand unveiled and be proud of who I rediscovered.   Being exposed is freeing.



24 thoughts on “Thanks for asking….

  1. I loved this, honest, bold, raw and brave. It’s so nice to pick up on someone’s liberation, it is very inspiring. Thanks for this 🙂 How are the fall colours up there? Peace and love, Harlon

  2. WOW, I have been divorced and you have perfectly captured the liberation I felt once I got over being stripped of everything I thought my life should of been with him. You really are stripped raw from the onslaught of emotions, and then reborn, liberated…and simply happier than you have ever been in your whole life with a whole new purpose. WOW. This was me, then. Exactly how I felt, and you captured it so eloquently and in so few words. Impressed to my toes. WELL DONE!!!

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